Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t keep up, you might miss it.

Life demands a lot out of you. Getting up before noon, heading out at midnight, while somehow finding time for the daily grind. On Go invigorates the mind and fuels the body so you can hit the books and the town.

Packed with all the goodies the body needs to reenergize, On Go heightens the senses to keep you on the move for hours. It packs a powerful punch into a little bottle that goes down smooth.

On Go’s big taste comes in a convenient size that allows you to take it wherever life takes you. Put in your purse or your pocket and pull it out when you need a boost. On Go wakes you up and keeps you going until it’s time to throw in the towel.

So whether it’s mixed or on its own, stay On the Go and don’t miss a thing.

2006 - On Go Energy is formed. Logos and packaging are created.

2008 - Following the success of Lemon Lime, Berry Blast and Mandarin Orange are created.

2010 - On Go Energy is awarded most innovative new product at NACS tradeshow.

2012 - Three new extra strength flavors are introduced. Grape, Fruit Punch, and Pomegranate Blueberry.

2007 - The first batch of On Go Energy Lemon Lime is released and the product receives industry acclaim for taste and branding.

2009 - On Go Energy continues to grow it’s distribution through tradeshows and heavy marketing.

2011 - On Go secures distribution in Peru and other South American markets.

2013 - Stay tuned for new and exciting things this year!

Track your workouts with the On Go Fitness App

On Go Energy wants to keep you fit by tracking your daily walking and workout habits. Our tracker will count the number of steps you take and give you that extra motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Track your workout/walk session time, number of steps, and estimated calorie burn. You can also save your sessions and improve your scores every day.

Tap GO and place your phone into your pocket or hold onto it during your walk. Use it on your treadmill, on a hike, or wherever life takes you.

Top users will also have the chance to win free On Go Energy Shots. The more you track, the better chances you have of winning.